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Features1. Network Connections

Network Connections

1.1. Add more Connections

1.2. Maintain various connection type

1.3. Connections:

Active Network Connections.

Connections History

Single Network Connection – Connect to a single host, database, or SSL port.

Multiple Network Connections – Connect to multiple hosts or SSL ports, each represented by a connection.

Host Redirection

If a host is specified, you can redirect the connection to another host with a different URL. This is useful for testing HTTPS connections, or testing multiple hosts that have the same name.

SSL Negotiation

Provides support for configuring SNI with a list of hosts in the order that they appear in the certificate.

DNS Proxy

You can define a DNS proxy (although the list of proxy servers may be disabled) for Active Network Connections and for all connections under Host Redirection.

1.4. Properties:

Endpoint – Gets/sets the host of the connection.

Port – Gets/sets the port of the connection.

Scheme – Gets/sets the communication protocol of the connection.

SSL – Gets/sets whether SSL is enabled.

Host – Gets/sets the host name.

Password – Gets/sets the SSL certificate password.

Private Key – Gets/sets the SSL certificate private key.

1.5. User Addons

Window Manager

Allows you to control multiple connections, showing the list of connections.

Save/Restore Connection As…

Provides an easy way to save/restore connections to the default list.

Security Password

Enables/disables the security password for connections.

Security Password Settings

Enables/disables the security password for the connections.

Connection Password

Enables/disables the password that users log into the connections.

Connection Password Settings

Enables/disables the password that users log into the connections.

Single Network Connections

Displays the address of the connection in the list of connections.

Multiple Network Connections

Displays the addresses of the connections in the list of connections.

Windows Close/minimize/maximize

Enables/disables the window manager for connections.

Closing Connections



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