International Gay Dating Sites ☑

taking it to the next level with grindr means you can feel confident that whatever sexual fantasy you’re all about, and your partner is too (opens new tab), and that’s not always the case. with the app you can create and customize a profile, join groups, check out the activity feed, and browse for friends. it’s pretty easy to get started and for those who need a bit more, there’s a full-fledged paid option for those who prefer some added privacy. (not that i would know anything about that, though.)

aussienetwork is an app for people who are serious about dating. after a one-time registration process, you can browse through a massive database of profiles of those searching for a relationship. there are different price points depending on your desired membership levels which will let you see more and less activity as you go. (and also the ability to more or less filter who’s your type.)

in addition to all of the obvious benefits such as knowing how long it’s been between dates, the average match percentage, and getting to know people’s type preferences before having to give out your own, okcupid has a host of additional features that make it well worth a try. (tinder doesn’t claim to have all of this, but they’re a free, public service!)

on the main screen, you can add your favorite photos, add your location and send it a message to see who’s around you. aside from public and private messaging, you can also upload a recent photo or slideshow, describe yourself, (what color are your contacts’ eyes, are you allergic to cats, et cetera), and find out when you have a match nearby. there’s also search options for you and everyone around you, so you can keep up with the people you feel closest to and who have caught your eye with their own profile. there’s also

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