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Roblox is a free online game development platform and game engine written in the programming language Lua with a two-dimensional game engine that is both scalable and open-ended. Roblox’s primary audiences are children and teenagers between the ages of eight and sixteen years old. Roblox’s games are programs that are comprised of simple scripts and rules, and thus the games can be updated or modified by the user; the platform is best described as a game scripting environment.
Adults can join as players or content creators. Content creators make games and experiences for children to play. Players interact with these games and experiences through Roblox Studio, a client application that runs on desktop computers. Roblox distinguishes itself by its immediate user feedback and simplicity of use. Roblox features a messaging system and in-game statistics that allow players to quickly communicate with one another and to see their game or experience statistics. Roblox games can be coded using a visual programming language that is embedded in the web-based game engine. Roblox gameplay is usually saved automatically when a player exits a game.

Roblox was inspired by Derek Yu’s online arcade game Neuromancer and has a similar visual style. The first version of the software was released on June 5, 2006 and had five categories: Create, Games, TV, Movies, and Places. The company’s first target audience was children, with the platform designed primarily to promote literacy. Roblox games were implemented as animated storybooks with no control over the game’s interactive narrative. Roblox’s storybooks were different from traditional video games in that they lacked typical game narratives such as action, plot, enemies, or puzzles. Roblox also incorporated elements of social gaming by providing players with tools to connect and communicate with one another.
Through the years, Roblox has had to adapt to technological changes. Roblox originally used the LÖVE Engine for its games, but after LÖVE’s developers ceased development in 2010, Roblox began to use Chibitron. Chibitron is a proprietary game engine developed by Roblox that is designed to run visual programming languages and simplifies the process of creating games. Roblox Studio is the Roblox game engine.
Roblox games are played primarily through a web browser. The Roblox platform allows users to download and install Roblox Studio on any desktop or mobile device to allow people to




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Roblox is an online multiplayer game, which allows its players to build anything they wish to build and also it has lots of other things such as shopping, flying zombies, ships. You can also draw in other players to your world and also you can play a variety of games
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Roblox Cheat codes are those that can access new areas and features.
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