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Xhaka was involved in a crunching tackle on Defour that earned the midfielder a second yellow card in the 42nd minute.
Kelvin Herrera, 34, is turning in another stellar year with the New York Mets.
‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’: 10 essential Christmas songs everyone needs to know, including the Jack Skellington song”Weird Al” Yankovic song, “Christmas At My House” by A Christmas Coke can.

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Konami Gaming – #play #cell #game – nba 2k17.hotnapcow-cell-game-nba-2k17-live.

Division Guide » EU LCS Daily Featured Match Highlights #1 G2 vs. Fnatic.

UeIFoley – Shock and Awe: The 10 Most Epic Moments In Esports History.

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And one of the most exciting games of the summer.
Microsoft will release the Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) worldwide on August 2, 2017 for PCs, tablets, phones, and 2-in-1 devices.

The club’s former players and staff were incensed by the writing of the memoir by former Premier League striker, Marcelo Bielsa.
The beginning of the 2016 MLS season: Another new beginning for Rapids; hold out hope for playoffs.

Cookstown stalwart again makes soccer news.
“Fox Soccer” analysts enter their own highlights from this week’s NASL action while Dave Leie and Matt Stoller are joined by former England star goalkeeper.
“Game Of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke is dating another Brit man: “Emilia is dating a British man,” a representative for Clarke told British media.

He helped create the Satori band, the successor to the 1980s group the Sound. Its members include Gyuumei and guests.
PICS of INCREDIBLE Burkinabe Artist Tum Tum Tum.
Laurence Overmire, a 30-year-old Navy veteran who was born with no ankles, told CBS Washington affiliate WUSA-TV that after he was discharged in 2014, he was granted a disability rating.
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It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the top flight remains well short of full strength.
The week ahead in World Cups · Online: desktop and mobile

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Gerald Celente

Rapid Resilience for Renewable Energy

Energy Independence

The End of History


Health and Medicine

The Inevitability of Severe Weather and Climate Chaos.

There will be no one to supply society with the beautiful things that drive us wild with wonder. — Mark Twain and Jane Jacobs, “The Growing Edge”

Education & Training

The Water Apocalypse: Part 3 – The Demise of Planet Earth.

The water apocalypse is the human tendency to outgrow our planet’s carrying capacity for humans and all of nature. As the human population expands, we will overshoot our planet’s carrying capacity by many orders of magnitude. In the globalist collectivist era, we will not be allowed to limit our numbers — not until we collapse the system.

Radical Environmentalism is incompatible with sustainable human survival.

Sustainable human survival is incompatible with an anarchic industrial capitalist system that sacrifices everything to meet the endless needs of the GDP. There is an essential point beyond which further growth and exploitation become self-defeating. Somewhere between a hungry person and a millionaire we must allow our society to say, “It’s not worth it. We can’t live like this anymore.”

Dan Sinker

We’re All in This Together: An Epilogue to a Collision Course between Communism and Capitalism

Progress and history

The End of Progress

How a World Finite in Resources Can Be Made More Than Finite in Worth

The Global Viability Calculus

Staying Human

Where Is the Stage?

“All the peoples of the world are caught in a struggle in which they are powerless to contend except at great cost and with an increasingly self-defeating aim.” — Amartya Sen

“In the long run, only the truth shall prevail.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“A wrong that is done on earth will eventually come back to haunt us. The only question is when and how.” — Charles Fort

“Competition solves no problems. Cooperation solves all of them. Cooperation between equals is possible only when both parties are willing to accept the conditions of equality.” — David Hawkins

“The greatest weakness of man is his capacity for self-deception. The best security against menaces of any

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