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Many new features, many new levels, many new missions!
Jump over or take bridges over that have never been seen before in a Bridge! 3 game. Build your bridges, jump over them and catch the waiting enemies! The characters in the game are from the popular series of the same name, Bridge! 3 gives you the opportunity to explore the world of bridge building and create the biggest challenge ever with Bridge! 3.
Do you want to build bridges for cars or trains? Do you want to build a long, slender bridge that is difficult to climb? Or perhaps you want to build a bridge that is really comfortable for walking and jumping? Build bridges that reach anywhere you want them to reach! And then jump over them! All this and more in Bridge! 3 with daily and weekly challenges, races and custom challenge modes. Play Bridge! 3 right now!

Bridge! 3 Offroad!

Presentation from the publisher.

Bridge! 3 Offroad! is new game based on series Bridge! 3, and it is a fun driving game. Your goal is to play as a driver and build the highest and most original bridge on the ground.
Bridge! 3 Offroad! offers fun and unique gameplay that you will enjoy. Your character has the responsibility to build a high-quality bridge. There will be various obstacles and hazards to avoid that can cause the bridge to collapse or destroy the vehicles that cross it. In addition, you should take into account all the accidents that happen on the road, because the bridge can collapse in those places. It will be your responsibility to build it, so you must do all you can to avoid accidents or malfunctions.
In Bridge! 3 Offroad! you will be driving and building your own offroad bridges. This game will give you an opportunity to expand your collection of bridges. As a master bridge builder, you will have an opportunity to enjoy this fun and exciting game. You will build offroad bridges, and you will have the opportunity to travel anywhere. Be the fastest.
In Bridge! 3 Offroad! you will be driving and building your own offroad bridges. This game will give you an opportunity to expand your collection of bridges. As a master bridge builder, you will have an opportunity to enjoy this fun and exciting game. You will build offroad bridges, and you will have the opportunity to travel anywhere. Be the fastest.
Fun offroad gameplay
As a master of bridge building, you will have the opportunity to build the highest


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For over five years, we’ve been creating 2-D action adventures that combine enemy design and game mechanics to create unique experiences. Olympia Rising is our latest game and our first 2-D Metroidvania-style action platformer. In it you play a young warrior who has been cast into the Underworld after being cursed by the Goddess Hades. After fighting off a legion of creatures in the Underworld, you must fight your way back to the surface to pay Charon the Ferryman to get you back to the world above.
Rise through 5 distinct regions of Hades’ domain, each one filled with unique creatures, music, and environments. You can play through each one in its entirety, or you can collect the treasures and coins you want, and skip certain areas entirely. Throughout Olympia Rising you’ll encounter 47 different types of creatures; over 40 of them are brand new to the game and there are several different endings, depending on how you complete each stage.
– Olympia Rising’s combat system allows players to mimic classic 2-D action platformer tropes such as jumping and wall-jumping, by combining combos and special moves. Dodge and block enemies, and quickly jump on their backs to inflict a flurry of damage.
– In addition to shooting enemies with your arrows, you can use your sword to attack multiple enemies at once, or to strike your next target.
– During boss battles, you can enhance your combo meter by alternating between attacking and dodging to build up a larger attack.
– Combine with lots of other weapons to create powerful artifacts that inflict different effects. You can craft six different weapons and armor pieces to create a unique set of items for each play-through.
– Headshot enemies to cause instant death, or incinerate them with your magic. The more you hit with your sword, the more damage you do to them, but beware of inhospitable potions that can kill you instantly.
– Along your journey to get back to the world above, you’ll find a variety of obstacles and puzzles to overcome: chain wall crossings, spiked pits, rotating platforms, mines, and even a boss battle that spans the full length of the underworld.
– Take control of Iola, the young warrior cursed by the Goddess Hades, as she makes her way back to the surface world. Encounter a variety of formidable creatures as you traverse through five regions filled with unique music, environments, and creatures.
– There are over 50 different enemies to fight in Olympia Rising, including enemies from our previous titles, and


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Game “The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia” Story:
Fun Factor:
Overall thoughts:
<3x[.] I put myself in a review hell because Ive been wanting to play this game for so long, but I kept putting it off because Ive never had a game like this ever, much less by a work of fiction. It is a sequel, and focuses on Ray Bibbias interaction with the paranormal. Gameplay: Ray works for the Dept. of Extraordinary Affairs, and it is his job to protect his city from paranormal activity. Part of his job, is to investigate paranormal activity and documentation the entity or phenomena. But when a case gets really tough Ray usually starts to develop PTSD, and the worlds becomes more and more unstable. Theres no saving Ray by the end of this game. I also dont want to spoil for anyone how this game ends, but I will say you will never forget it. Story: The game opens with the death of Ray Bibbias parents. Since then a secret organization has been keeping him away from his family and a terrible secret. Gameplay: The gameplay of this game is a horror/thriller/action/Puzzle game. Its a really simple mechanic that allows the player to solve puzzles by interrogating a variety of collectable objects. Players question these collectables to uncover information that points to a solution to the puzzle at hand. The game is broken down into sections, 5 of which include a boss battle, with each boss having their own questioning/actions/features, one that is AI and 2 that are player controlled. The player will have to use a great amount of caution in some levels. When a move has been made or a trap sprung, death awaits. Only after playing a few times and mastering the art of saving yourself from trouble will you begin to feel like a true master. The controls are simple enough to use. Players use their mouse to pick up objects that are in the way and click on buttons to interact with them or move them. The game may seem easy for a new player but some areas could be frustrating because of the use of logic vs. commonly known knowledge of everyday, everyday life. A round of drinks after a tough mental beating! Storiey: The game keeps you guessing, and keeps changing depending on how a situation is unfolding. This leads to a lot of emotions. The hardest part about a story is knowing


What’s new:



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Secret Laboratory is a shooting game. The gameplay is a mix between first and third person shooter. In the last level there are multiple bullets and time bombs that kill all the enemies in a seconds. Don’t waste your time to get these. You need to kill them all. There is no time to waste. There is no panic mode.

If you like first person games, you will love Secret Laboratory. This game is not very fast paced game. But, I can assure you will enjoy the action.
You can also try first person shooter games, such as Saints Row, Double Alpha, Redemption Fall and other games like Secret Laboratory.

Content Rating: Everyone

How to install:
– Mount or unmount file
– Copy and tmp folder
– Copy the launcher and store it in your main apk folder


1. Install the.apk and.jar you download
2. Install the launcher
3. Access from a launcher
4. Go to Menu- The Market place- Select the.apk on your device
5. If you close the video when downloading the apk, you can delete it.

Note :
This game isn’t playable in Samsung Galaxy S7.

Please note:
This is not a full game, this is a basic app to help you gain some experience.

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Other Android Games:

> Secret Laboratory APK
Name: Secret Laboratory
Version: 3.14.4
File size: 122 MB

App information:

More about Secret Laboratory:
Like every shooter game, you start with a pistol, and gain more skills over the game. Shooting, jumping and avoiding traps will make you a badass!
This game is based in a fictional setting.
– Realistic and unique weapons.
– Multiple gameplay options.
– Various game levels with bosses.
– Shoot monsters from a balcony.

> Gclocker APK
Name: Gclocker
Version: 3.0.3
File size: 181 MB

App information:

More about Gclocker:
Gclocker is a hacking game for Android. It is easy to learn, hard to master. It is a puzzle game, you will have to hack a room. It’s the best game to relax and you need a constant challenge.
– Easy to learn


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Also, it may be used only if you are running Windows 7 or higher.
(Microsoft Windows XP is not supported. If you are using Windows XP, you can download alternative programs from the following link. AYAKU COMPUTER
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Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista
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Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8
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