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The “old world” has been overtaken by evil: hordes of undead creatures that have appeared in the twilight lands and are gathering strength. Yet amidst this horror, the darkness is awakening.

Young blood flows in the Highlands of the Mystral, a land where a great rift has opened in the earth. A crack in reality, where the very fabric of time is rent asunder.

The monster hordes have been driven from the Misty Highlands into the Lands Between: a misty twilight land with fluctuating borders where the two worlds of dream and reality intermix.

Where will you step?

A trio of lead animators and producers headed by Seung Hyo Kim from the Korean Animation and Culture Agency took charge of the project.

A respected veteran of the animation industry, Seung Hyo Kim has previously worked on anime and manga series as an assistant animator at Toei Animation, chief animator at the Korean Broadcasting System, and producer at Starpower.

He has also drawn various illustrations and comics, and has received a number of awards.

The current cast of voice actors and singers includes:

GM, Jinyong Park: Seung Hyun Kim: Kwon Sang Woo: Min Chul Kim

Writer and Director: Lee Soon Ryong

The team is currently working on the first episode.

Achillies and the Silver Thread.

The Holy Kingdom of Vodacce — The Beast Mummified in the Sealed Capital.

The Savage Empire of Sisil — The Light of the Summer Sun.


Unique and revolutionary, Amplified Multiplayer allows multiple users to play online at the same time, each with their own screen.

In addition to simply playing together online, users can fully participate in the same content as their friends, even in conjunction with others.

Current features include:

◆ Manage multiple characters

◆ Supervise your game items and belongings

◆ View the performance of your friends, teammates, and opponents

◆ Share your gameplay experience with them

◆ Compete with your friends in Trophies

◆ Ban and Unban users

◆ Perform multiple and simultaneous lobbies

The following will also be released in the near future:

◆ Leaderboards and Scoreboards

◆ Custom


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Experience a Fantasy Action RPG never before
  • Discover an All-New World
  • Create Your Own Legend
  • Customize Your Own Legend
  • Develop Your Own Knights
  • Develop Your Own Elden Lords
  • Develop Your Own Heroes
  • The current access version of Elden Ring will include:

    • Online Play
    • World Map and Graphical Interface
    • Character Development
    • Database Functionality
    • Map of the Lands Between and Armory
    • Weapon, Armor and Magic Skill Ranges

    Elden Ring is scheduled for release in 2016 for Windows PC. The game is currently being developed with Direct3D11, using CryEngine as game engine. A detailed development update will be released alongside the pre-order.

    To ensure that the game is available when it is released, users have the option to pre-order the game.

    Pre-Order Pricing

    To pre-order the game, visit the game’s official website and follow the instructions provided by Wizards of the Coast and Tencent:

    • Pre-order at GameFront to get 15% off the retail price

    • Pre-order at Tencent to get 25% off the retail price

     ORDER NOW  www.eldenring.com


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    “Epic action game with the Eastern feel. Tilt your head to the side and the enemy will fall to their knees. It’s a game that gives you an incredible sense of adventure.”

    “During one playthrough, I was dumbstruck by the numerous details and peculiarities of the game world. It’s a game that I would recommend to players who are looking for another fan favorite’s sequel.

    “This game easily beat out SMT III to me. It has every element it needs to be in a top ten JRPG.”

    “An RPG that doesn’t happen to be based on the usual old fantasy tropes. The Elden Ring is an action RPG game that isn’t bound by fantasy conventions. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by anybody, and its graphics and story will keep you interested and hooked. I enjoyed the game, and I think this game deserves a lot of attention, since it can be enjoyed by people with or without RPG gaming experience.”

    “The Raiden Project is a game that will definitely keep you hooked for hours. The Raiden Project is a beautiful game, with a story that will captivate you.”

    “The Raiden Project is an excellent title for those looking for a mix of gameplay and gorgeous graphics. You’ll see many familiar faces in the game, but a fresh new experience awaits as well.”

    “The Raiden Project still does not have the same impact as its predecessor. However, it is still an enjoyable title for many reasons. I enjoyed the game a lot.”

    “This game kept my attention until the end of the game. It’s an action RPG that makes use of some cool systems and powerful characters.”

    “The Raiden Project is a game that will easily keep you hanging on until the very end. Besides the visuals and characters, the game also has good action and great gameplay that will keep you engrossed and interested. A good game.”

    “During the gameplay, I could feel a strong sense of progression and the game’s atmosphere. The character designs are also very cute, and I enjoyed how the story turned out. There were also many things that I could enjoy in the game.”

    “If there’s anything that I didn’t like about the game, it’s that the parts with battle are too long. I enjoyed it a


    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit] [Updated]

    Since this game is an online game in a way, it is very different from a typical offline RPG. Here are some of the features that are unique to the online world.

    1. The scope of battle area

    When you engage in battle on an online battle arena, the scope of the battle area is that of a small part of the field of battle. In addition to the usual status effects, the movement of each character, and the possibility of being pushed around, you can see the “Wind”, a curtain that appears when you enter battle, and the “Region Border”.

    Your character appears on the very edge of this region. This is because the area of battle extends to the outer areas of your character’s movements.

    2. The upper limit of battle

    In the original Elden Ring game, the maximum number of battles was 20. With this new edition of the game, the maximum number of battles will increase up to 30.

    Also, you can enjoy a new feature called “Battlesphere” which allows you to enjoy battle with a larger number of battles.

    3. Buffs

    In addition to normal abilities, there are three new abilities that can be obtained through performance.

    When you use a special ability, the buffs that correspond to the main weapon (battle hammer, hand axe, mace, spear, and so on) and magic (Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Air Magic, and Blood Magic) are activated. If you carry two weapons or two spells (each of the four spells), you can activate two buffs. If you have three weapons or three spells, you can activate three buffs.

    *Note: All of the special abilities are right clickable.

    4. Organization

    When you first enter the offline world, you will be dropped in a certain area. From here on out, you will be drawn to other zones by “Organization”. This is a feature where you can organize the offline world and get access to various content in the world.

    In addition, you can get access to various bonuses by organizing your game. For example, you can acquire extra EXP after arranging as a team.

    5. Party Online

    If you want to travel together with up to three other players, you can do so using the party system.

    *Note: Not all of the features can be used in the party-based online play.


    What’s new:

    Friday, May 14, 2018

    Arc System Works returns for another BattleTech and Haze campaign! They have also announced a brand new system by the same name, where everyone can create their very own BattleMech and compete against each other, as well as the Arbiters!

    Wednesday, May 5, 2018

    This is the first look at another Rebel Galaxy game for Nintendo Switch! Time to go on a new journey to various Rebel Space Colonies in search of the Hidden Jedi!

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Relatively simple installation process
  • No harm to computer
  • Easily customize the interface
  • Share the character data
  • Wide selection of audio and video files
  • :


    Size: 4.8 GB

    Details: GAME-ASFORM-SC-9T0R4X7.PKP


    Publisher: AFAQ Entertainment


















    WINDOWS: Windows XP, VISTA, and Windows 8.1


    Vista MSI (Windows Installer)


    NT Installer(Windows Installer)



    Note: Before purchasing THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG.

    FOR PC:



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Handy Keyboard and Mouse are a must Have
    Windows 7 recommended
    For Windows XP
    Windows 8 minimum
    IGN has been working hard to bring you this latest version of the game, and we hope you enjoy it. If you have any issues, or anything you think we can improve please contact us.
    HANDY Keyboard and Mouse recommended
    You should already have



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