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Internet Explorer 8 caching some videos?

I know this question has been asked many times, but there seems to be no solution. I have a web page with 5 videos that are played back for 25 seconds by javascript. After that, they jump to the end of the page. They work fine in all browsers except IE 8, where they are cached (and of course the whole page is cached). Of course, the cache expires after a while, but you can’t control that.
I’ve tried to add a random query string to the url of the video itself, but that didn’t help.


You should use the HTTP-EQUIV Meta Tag and set the cache-control to no-cache.
Also, if you are serving this through IIS, using the IIS Cache Settings might help.


Setting the Cache-Control HTTP header to no-cache should do the trick.

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As you can see, the page’s text is partially being replaced by the links.


The problem
I think this has to do with cross-site scripting.
I’ve done a bit of research and found that while the text is being displayed in the browser, the links are the ones which are working. This implies that the script is working as intended by sending the text from your site to the host site. The links, on the other hand, don’t seem to work as they don’t do anything, or at least they don’t do anything in the browser.
The text you’re trying to replace
The text you’re trying to replace seems to be a comment:

The links in the page that are being “replaced” are:
Download Now 4K
Download Now 4K

The links you’ve provided
The links you’ve provided (the links found in your pre tags) are:
Название и ссылка
Название и ссылка

What happened
When you provided your links, you’ve got and as your links. The former one is the link to a HTML page, where the latter is just a paragraph of text.
The browser will first try to get the page that’s found in the second link, then, if that one doesn’t work, will try to get the page from the first link. This makes the browser look for a page called /2019/02/21/project-name/, which doesn’t exist. The href attribute is ignored and therefore when the browser doesn’t find any results, it still does

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