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Is there an equivalence of code in elixir, erlang and groovy for this

Is there an equivalence of code in elixir, erlang and groovy for this:
def index_by_key(collection, key) do
Enum.reduce(collection, [], fn({e, v}, acc) -> Map.put(acc, e, v) end)
|> Enum.into(Enum.empty)

P.S.: I used Enum.reduce/2 but Enum.inject/2 worked just fine. I am using Elixir 0.12.2, Erlang 17 and Groovy 2.5.0


There is a module, collections, that has a group_by/2 function that might help you. Something like this:
def index_by_key(coll, key) do
|> Enum.group_by(fn({x, _}) -> x end)
|> Enum.into(Enum.empty)

I tested this in Elixir 0.12.0 and Groovy 2.5.0.
Enum.reduce(coll, [], fn({e, v}, acc) -> Map.put(acc, e, v) end) can be seen as
Map.put(acc, key, v) where key = e
Map.put(acc, e, v) where key = e


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