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TinyEncrypt is a small-sized and portable utility that can effortlessly encrypt and decrypt text. This is a common method for sending secret messages to friends over the Internet if you worry they could be intercepted by a third party.
Plain interface for text encryption and decryption
The interface is rather simple. The main window contains an orange box for entering text to encrypt or decrypt, along with a green one for reading results and optionally saving them to a plain text document to record decrypted messages.
Text can be typed, pasted from the Clipboard or loaded from TXT files. Both encryption and decryption jobs can be performed with one click, and these tasks are speedy, depending on the content size. Worth noting is that content can be encrypted for as many times as you want if you're interested in strengthening security.
Uses a low-level security algorithm
Unlike many encryption utilities out there, TinyEncrypt doesn't ask you to enter a secret key necessary for decryption. Instead it uses a predefined algorithm, which is rather easy to figure out, at least when it comes to the alphabet and numbers.
To be more precise, it transforms letters and numbers by shifting the position in the alphabet and numbering sequence in reverse by one unit. For example, B is encrypted into A, Z into Y, 1 turns into 0, and 9 into 8.
Doesn't need setup
Installation isn't necessary. The utility's packed in just one executable file that can be dropped anywhere on the disk or USB flash drive and directly launched on any PC by double-clicking it. No updates are made to the Windows registry in this regard, and no files or folders are generated on the disk without your permission.
Modest text encryption tool with weak spots
Taking everything into account, TinyEncrypt delivers a fast solution and easy-to-use options for encrypting and decrypting text. However, the code can be quickly cracked, due to the low-level security algorithm adopted. We are also keeping in mind that the program hasn't been updated for a long time.


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Meta Tag Generator Crack+ Full Version Free

The Tool will generate Meta Tags for your site based on the amount of keywords and descriptions you input as well as their overall quality.
Metatags are important because they are used to rank the site in the search engine results pages. They help to search engines understand what the page is about.
Meta Tag Generator Serial Key will add Title, Description and Keywords to your page (or post) that will be crawled and indexed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Meta tags are very important and you want to make sure they are correct so that you can properly be found and seen by your customers.
The tool has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible and to be as accurate as possible. It is an easy way to get Meta Tags for your site.
Microsoft Windows.NET Framework
Chrome, Firefox, Opera are supported
Metatags can also be generated directly in your favorite text editors for additional reliability.
Only 200 characters for description length will be generated.
The generation of Meta tags can take some time, depends on several conditions.
The more keywords and descriptions you put in, the more time required to generate the tags.
The tool will not add Meta tags or keywords that are not real synonyms or related to your keyword.
In case you are a beginner, Meta Tags can be hard to understand.
You can buy a premium license using Paypal.
The inoperative nature of the free version will be the only reason to buy the premium version.
The Pinger application was designed to be a small, easy to use ping tool. It’s really simple! You can ping a IP and websites.
IP Address Ping
The Tool will ping an IP address and check if it responds or not. When you run an IP address, it will ping it with the default parameters.
If the ping request is successful, it will output the time it took for the request to run.
If not, it will output – “The IP Address does not respond” or “Ping timed out”.
This tool will help you identify possible problems on your network.
Microsoft Windows.NET Framework
Chrome, Firefox, Opera are supported
Only one IP Address can be checked.
The Inoperative free version will be the only reason to buy the premium version.
The Pinger application was designed to be a small, easy to use ping tool. It’s really simple! You can ping a IP and websites.

Meta Tag Generator With Key

Now you can enjoy all the pictures of author Google. Did you know there are links to his images on the Internet. So every picture is a link to some other website. Lets get started then! With the help of this program you can find all the linked images on the Internet and add the needed meta tags to every picture. Let’s work together then! Choose a picture and click ‘Add Link to Google’. Enter a few descriptive words which will give the image search engine more information. Now come back to this little program and choose your next image. And so on. This program works great with all the picture formats which are found on the Internet.
■ To add a set of meta tags to a picture, its first thing to do is choose your favorite picture.
■ If the picture is a link, this tool will automatically find the link address and add the needed meta tags.
■ All pictures can be tagged.
■ Links can be made automatic with one click.
■ Choose from a large selection of meta tags to add to your picture.
■ All sort of pictures are supported by this tool.
■ Automatic parsing of links that have no description gives you a chance to add more meta tags to them.
■ Easy to use, intuitive interface.
■ Support for the following image formats:
Compatible File Formats
Start Menu Launcher doesn’t have any limitations. Any picture you want to add meta tags to can be uploaded to the application.
The application gives you unlimited free tags which you can use to describe the picture.
Change the appearance of every menu, panel, taskbar, even the window itself.
Change the transparency of your windows.
Create shortcuts to any shortcut file and open it with the desired application.
Rotate/flip/arrange icons of any folder in Windows Explorer.
Create and schedule custom tasks and launch them whenever you want.
Read your email, synchronize it with your desktop, manage it in more ways you never thought possible.
Create a virtual USB drive from any file.
Copy entire folder tree and files from one Windows Explorer tree to the other.
Send text or images to other folders or files.

Meta Tag Generator For PC

In this post, you will learn how to add meta tags to your website with ease and in a fast manner.
In addition to assisting you to capture your important keyword and meta tag information, this tool can also be used as a conversion tool for your website.
How to add meta tag to your website with Meta Tag Generator?
Creating a good meta tag is vital to your website’s success. Yet, often it can be quite time-consuming and confusing to do it the right way. That is why Meta Tag Generator is a very helpful and helpful tool which will allow you to generate the Meta Tags according to the quality standards defined by Google. With Meta Tag Generator, you will see how much traffic you will get to your site and the quality of your meta tags.
At first, in order to use this tool you need to find the title of your site. When doing this simply type the first letter of your title in the search box and hit the enter key. In case you didn’t find your site’s title try the second character or the third one.
Now, you will see a list of your site’s titles. Choose the first one in the list and then click on the “Add to the page” button.
Enter the new Title and Description or just paste your current Page content. You can enter text or images you want to use in your meta tags. When entering the web address it will be easy to enter it as normal text but you can also add brackets like this:
[web address]
How Meta Tag Generator works?
Meta tag is one of the most important pieces of information for Google to crawl and read your website. Google looks for specific keywords in your meta tags. If you have placed the right keywords in your meta tags, then you will get a great amount of traffic. Meta Tags are designed by Search Engines so they have a significant place in your SEO work.
You should always try to add Meta Tags for your site as they play a huge role in your Page Rank. So use Meta Tag Generator to add the meta tags for your website.
Keywords and Meta Tags are vital to boost your organic traffic and user experience.
Final words:
Metatag Generator is easy-to-use tool that will help you to add meta tags for your website. You should use the tool to get more traffic to your site or to boost the user experience. Meta Tags are considered to be a good ranking factor for your website by the Search Engines. For this reason,

What’s New In?

Meta Tag Generator is a useful software that helps you generate meta tags quickly in a few clicks. You just need to enter the required information like title, keyword, description, image and so on.
The output is a mini tag that you can use on your website for enhancing the search engine rankings. The output is well formed and will not cause errors.
It has a user friendly interface where you just need to fill the required information and select the desired category for generating the meta tags for your website.
Supported Features
It supports the following features:
Generates tags for Google
Generates tags for Bing
Generates tags for Yahoo
Generates tags for Yandex
Generates tags for Ask
Generates tags for Baidu
Generates tags for Bingo
Generates tags for Momei
Generates tags for AliExpress
Generates tags for Taobao
Generates tags for Cnbeta
Generates tags for Youku
Generates tags for Haodifu
Generates tags for YinYueTai
Generates tags for Douban
Generates tags for Hangame
Generates tags for Yaobe
Generates tags for Wpengine
Generates tags for 2P
Generates tags for Weibo
Generates tags for Sina
Generates tags for Tencent
Generates tags for Sohu
Generates tags for Sogou
Generates tags for Sojump
Generates tags for Zhanqi
Generates tags for Weibang
Generates tags for Xiaohongshu
Generates tags for Nicomedia
Generates tags for 8btc
Generates tags for OKso
Generates tags for Cctime
Generates tags for Maoyan
Generates tags for Qzook
Generates tags for Sogoushare
Generates tags for Hubpages
Generates tags for Juzgo
Generates tags for Wikia
Generates tags for WeiBo
Generates tags for Wikisource
Generates tags for Webdoc
Generates tags for Weixin
Generates tags for
Generates tags for Brightkite
Generates tags for Tudou
Generates tags for
Generates tags for AliExpress
Generates tags for
Generates tags for Baidu
Generates tags for Chinazone
Generates tags for Nougat
Generates tags for T.Net
Generates tags for Sog

System Requirements:

1) Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit
2) DirectX 11 graphics card
3) 4 GB RAM or 8 GB RAM
4) 16 GB of hard drive space
5) Internet connection required for initial download
In-game Resources:
1) PlayStation 4 or Xbox One
2) Xbox Live Gold for Xbox One, PSN Plus for PlayStation 4
3) Wi-Fi internet connection
Game Content Requirements:
1) Kinect Sensor
2) Bluetooth Controller

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