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What should I do if I want to send my extension for official review?

Add a Review here
When a review has been done, e-mail with the PowerShell Hub review site and the name of your extension (e.g. “Nikki’s GitHub PSGitHubSharp Extension”).

Where should I ask for support to Microsoft if I am facing a real problem?

Best bet is to ask the folks over at https 66cf4387b8

The pictures were made using high-quality JPG and WAV files and can be changed without problems. Includes a sound sounds effects.
iZoom is a very useful tool for users who want to “Zoom” text in a Microsoft Word document, a picture in an image file or a web page. You can increase the amount of displayed text and zoom in on parts of a document or image before zooming out (making them more readable). Additionally, after zooming you can undo it