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A keyboard macro recorder, keyboard macros are to repeat a sequence of commands as a key sequence.
It records key sequences, and attaches them to the current keyboard window.
As you press a key, the macro recorder will wait a predetermined time for the next keystroke, then record and run the command(s) associated with the current keystroke.
Keyboard macros are a great feature for Windows users who work with a lot of command line applications. They save a lot of time by simplifying the repetitive work.
Win-key+R to run commands.
Win-key+R to run commands. Win-key+R to run commands.
Chord Mate Description:
Chord Mate is a powerful tool for converting chords (i.e. multiple notes played simultaneously) to other chords.
It works by replacing a selected chord in a sheet music with an equivalent chord.
Another advantage is that Chord Mate lets you modify the key signature and other properties of the chord, which can be very useful if your song has minor keys or flat keys.
Unfortunately, Chord Mate does not come with a preset for that. You have to enter them manually.
Enter the new chord in the Edit Key parameter field. Chord Mate can create a new chord by using the currently selected notes or by entering multiple notes (A1, Bb, C, D, Fm, G) in the Edit Key field.
Once you have entered the notes, just click on the Add to Chord button. A new chord in the key where the notes are played will be generated. You can also click on the Edit Chord button and modify the chord in the Edit Chord parameter field.
If you click the Clear button, the chord will be cleared.
Keyboard Numeric Pad Description:
Keyboard Numeric Pad is an intuitive keypad for entering numbers on a keyboard.
It has a modern look and feel and works for all your favorite operating systems.
You can choose between 12 or 24 keypad layouts. Keyboard Numeric Pad also comes with a built-in alternative keyboard layout with the international keyboard.
Keyboard Numeric Pad lets you enter numbers in the following formats: mm/dd/yyyy, hh/mm/ss, hh:mm, yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-dd-mm, yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, hh-mm-ss, 45cee15e9a

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KeyMacro is a utility program that enables you to automate repetitive tasks.
Easily manage your tasks
It is designed to help you create tasks with a single click. Then, you can easily associate a macro to one or more key combinations (hotkeys) to launch it without typing the long name.
Because the program is equipped with powerful features, you can even assign a macro to multiple keyboard shortcuts. In addition, you can enable macros to be automatically launched when specific conditions are met.
A quick start guide makes it easier to get started with KeyMacro
You can start by learning the basics of the application with the help of a tutorial. This will enable you to discover all of the features that are included in the program.
The utility enables you to create:
Macros to launch them
Easy shortcuts (hotkeys)
KeyMacro is a good tool for users who are on the lookout for an alternative to task organizers.
The free version of KeyMacro works perfectly and enables you to create and run up to five macros. The user-friendly interface and advanced features make the program an easy-to-use utility for beginners.

9K Partition Recovery Free is a professional and easy-to-use software for partition recovery and data recovery. It can recover lost or deleted files from damaged or inaccessible partitions. This software is perfect for users who do not have technical skills or do not have Windows support. It supports data recovery even for the NTFS, FAT, and VHD partitions.

9K Partition Recovery Free supports both FAT and NTFS file systems. It supports both MS-DOS and MBR partitions. Once the damaged partition is detected, 9K Partition Recovery Free can quickly find and recover all the files on the partition. It will scan the disk to find all the data and will recover all the lost files.

It is an easy-to-use tool and it enables you to open any type of DOS file and edit the file with no need for additional third-party applications. It allows you to preview and edit MS-DOS files and restore damaged MS-DOS files.

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