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Recognizes beginning and end of a chapter (start-end macro)
Enables selection of chapter breaks
Recognizes beginning and end of a chapter in the timeline (timeline macro)
Enables selection of chapter breaks
Enables merging of chapters in the timeline
Recognizes beginning and end of a chapter in the timeline
Enables selection of chapter breaks
Enables merging of chapters
It is available for use in the projects which are using the VirtualDubMod SDK and the VirtualDubMod VC++ library, which both are freely available to be downloaded from:

System Requirements:
Windows XP or later
Google Chrome
ChromeFrame plugin (if Chrome Frame is not installed on your computer, you can download it here:
How to download and install X-VirtualDubMod.
1. Download X-VirtualDubMod, save it to your desktop.
2. Double-click on the X-VirtualDubMod-v6.5-XP.exe file to open the installer.
3. Follow the instructions in the wizard to install the software on your computer.
4. Run X-VirtualDubMod
5. Click on the X-VirtualDubMod icon on your desktop to start the application.
You will see the screen in which you will be asked to specify the file(s) that you want to process.

X-VirtualDubMod is a portable version of VirtualDubMod (VDM). VDM is a video processing utility that is primarily aimed at video editors and is mainly based on the example that it provides for the VirtualDub project.
X-VDM is similar to VDM but supports Matroska (MKV) video files. This allows you to play back MKV files in an X-VirtualDubMod.
X-VDM is designed to be a standalone application so it does not require installation. For installation you only need to copy the X-VDM folder on your hard drive. To uninstall simply remove the X-VD 84e02134c1

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Easy to use personal budget manager that tracks your personal and household spending, allows you to control categories and offers a set of timeline threads that display your balances according to budget.
Main features:
View financial charts and reports on your money flow;
Track each transaction in a chronological order using timelines;
Filter and sort transactions in different ways;
Create custom categories;
Use system or your own categories;
Export reports as CSV files;
Import CSV files;
Search your categories;
Easy to use: due to its simple layout and intuitive design;
Additional features:
Create budget plans;
Preview account before creation;
Create and export budgets;
Able to modify and create budgets;
Advanced and support staff available online;
Works with Windows;
English language;

Cagetify Description:
Offers a way to view your finances in a graphical and handy way. Includes a comprehensive analysis of every recorded transaction.
Main features:
View transaction summaries;
Select and graph the type of a transaction;
Category reports and reports;
Create and edit your budgets;
Export transaction data;
Edit basic information;
Create new transactions;
Exports the CSV file;
New features:
Export graphs;
Export in shape;
Edit and create a plan;
Transfers currencies;
Manage data;
Export data and list;
WPS / Cagetify Description:
Create a website and publish your data in the cloud;
Catch up with your page’s structure;
Define a top navigation menu;
Layout a website;
Content management;
Admin administration;
WYSWYG editor.
You can publish your website or web app on various hosting platforms.
On the other hand, Cagetify is a free, open source, standards-based content management solution that allows you to create a website or web app in minutes with no coding skills.
Cagetify offers a simple, drag-and-drop interface that gives you complete control over your site’s content, style and appearance.
In addition to a simple WYSIWYG editor, you can create a menu, choose the number of pages, decide the layout, add links, adjust fonts and much more.
The built-in validator checks your site for errors and issues you have not discovered. Cagetify generates automatic preview images of your page, which you can use to check your work as you go.

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