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Key macro tool provides features such as macros, keyboard shortcuts, window management and others. The extension can be customized to fit your workflow or personal preferences. Keymacro lets you define your macros, keystroke, hotkeys and also to activate or deactivate a macro. All of the aforementioned actions can be assigned to a single mouse button or any key combination.
An intuitive extension for your keyboard
The extension has a handy feature that allows you to customize the number of buttons that can be accessed and assigned to a specific key. As a result, you can use the hotkeys to access popular commands such as Ctrl+s or Ctrl+e for Save or Exit the page. A hotkey can be customized to open a specific webpage or a specific file as well.
It also allows you to assign multiple commands to a single keystroke. To do so, you can simply click on the Hotkeys icon that can be found in the bottom right corner of the extension. There, you can set a hotkey, which can then be configured to open a specific file or page, to copy a specific piece of text or to perform any other task. This tool can be a lot of help when you are traveling and would like to have more functions available to you at all times.
If you are searching for a tool that can help you create your own macros and hotkeys, then the extension is worth your attention. All you have to do is load the extension in Chrome and click on the big button that indicates the Hotkeys section. From there, you can start creating your own macros and hotkeys and assign them to a single mouse button or any key combination.
Keymacro aims to help you manage your workflow or personal preferences
The extension comes with a really simple interface and it is easy to figure out. You can add or remove macros, keys, hotkeys and configure it the way you prefer. The only limitation is the hotkeys that can be used.

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– Works on both desktop and mobile versions of Maxthon
– Help your team to work faster
– Saves time and effort in copy pasting long URLs in a chat or other applications
– Shorter links can help your team to work faster and more efficiently
– Make it easier to share favorite links with your friends and family
– Enable you to share smaller files with others
– You can even shorten the bookmarks in Firefox
– It’s never been easier to post links on forums, groups, and other websites
How to use the extension:
– Activate the addon on Maxthon
– Use the arrow keys to navigate between the webpages you want to shorten
– Use the number keys to shorten the URLs
– Click on the “…” button to display the information for the shortened URL
– If you want, you can copy the shortened URL and paste it in any program
– If the shortened URL has changed from the original, click on the “…” button and copy the original URL
– Please refer to the FAQ list on the link below for more information
If you experience any issues with the extension:
– Click on the “…” button
– Then click on the “Add” button
– Click on the “Add Extensions” button
– Now you can add the “Key Macro”
Please share your experience with us.
How to remove the extension:
– Open the Add-ons manager
– Go to the Components tab
– Click on the “Search box”
– Type “tinyurl”
– Click on “Search Components”
– Go to the bottom of the list and click on the “Remove” button next to the “Key Macro”
– Click on “OK” and follow the steps again to uninstall the addon
See Also: Maxthon’s Official Website: am a practicing physician who has been following the news and conversations in my local and national medical community for decades. I share here what I have learned and am learning as the result of reading the information on our health. Please remember, I do not have all the answers, but I do have some.

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