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Keymacro is a very small, easy-to-use and lightweight program that allows you to use any keyboard shortcuts. Not only will you be able to control your windows, you will be able to easily control your browser and most other programs on your computer.
Keymacro is a free application.
Keymacro Features:
• All windows shortcuts and hotkeys
• Keyboard events
• No more alt/ctrl/shift/windows keys to press
• Startup applications (you can add it to autostart)
• Web shortcuts (easy to add them)
• Keyboard switcher (you can easily change it)
• Mouse gestures
• Keymap editor
• And much more…
To change your keyboard shortcuts, just go to the window manager preferences.
Web shortcuts
You can easily add links and web sites to your web shortcuts. It’s as simple as pasting the link into the text box, or you can drag and drop your file directly into the box.
Keymacro allows you to select shortcuts for Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and more.
Window Manager
Open the window manager preferences and you can easily add your windows shortcuts or change your window manager.
Mouse Gestures
With this option you can easily switch between windows. You can select the windows you want to use and the key you want to use. It also allows you to use two windows at the same time.
Startup Applications
You can easily add shortcuts for programs or documents that you want to start automatically.
Keymap Editor
This allows you to easily configure the keys, change them, assign a hotkey, and so on.
Mouse Settings
This allows you to change your keyboard or mouse settings. You can choose the order in which your keyboard buttons should be pressed, the input method, change the mouse sensitivity, and much more.
Keymacro is a very easy to use program. Just click on the system tray icon to start working.
“Recommended and designed for Windows 10”
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MInaDIte is a virtual MIDI controller, designed to be controlled via a touchscreen or mouse and sends MIDI messages in order to control music production, VJ, DJ, etc. software.
Users will also have the possibility to configure the effects that will be used.
It is available for Linux as a source code or as a.deb package.
Download the.deb file.
MInaDIte is available for Linux as a source code or as a.deb package.
Installing the deb is easy.
Only the instructions are provided below.
Run the following commands:
sudo dpkg -i mndi_0.1-1_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i mndi_0.1-1_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i mndi_0.1-1_i386.deb
MInaDIte is available for Windows as a source code or as file.
MInaDIte requires a WinAPI, so it is recommended to use the WinAPI driver provided on the website to keep it compatible with other programs such as GarageBand and others.
Download archive from the downloads page and extract it.
The extracted archive contains a.dll.
Copy the.dll to your Windows 32 or 64 bit path as follows:
32-bit: C:\Windows\System32
64-bit: C:\Windows\System
Go to Start > Control Panel > System.
Click on Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables.
Find the variable Path and add the path to the mndi_0.1-1.dll to the path,
For instance, for the 32-bit system:
For the 64-bit system:
Start MInaDIte.
New or outdated drivers
In order to make it work correctly, some users have reported having issues with the new drivers.
If you have installed mndi_0.1-1_i386.deb or mndi_0.1-1_amd64.deb, then a full uninstall of the drivers is necessary.
Open a command line window as an administrator.
Run the following commands:

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