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Just like other operating systems that support a limited number of commands, Windows is no different. Even though it can record macros and trigger them in the applications, users are at the mercy of the defaults. They can’t be changed and the command cannot be edited.
That’s the bad thing, though. If you’re familiar with keyboards and the command line, you’ll understand how many less commands you can execute. Some very simple functions, such as the following, are simply not possible at all.
Windows doesn’t record macros.
Want to have a keyboard macro set up to record some keystrokes and play it at the press of a button? It’s not possible. Windows doesn’t have a recording function at all, so the idea that a macro can be set up to trigger whatever action you want is simply not feasible.
The only way to do it is to write it yourself.
KEYMACRO is a utility that allows you to record keyboard commands and have them play back whenever you press a button on your keyboard. This can be done using its macros menu, but that won’t let you have anything recorded without recording it.
The program supports the following keyboard shortcut commands:
Shortcut Name
Keyboard Command
Play / Stop
Select All
Add All
Removes All
Select Item
Add Item
Remove Item
Select File
Add File
Remove File
Load File
Save File
Open File
Save As
Load Folder
Delete Folder
Send To
Go To
Go To Prev
Go To Next
Go To Home
Go To Desktop
Go To Previous
Go To Next
Go To Pre-Directory
Go To Post-Directory
Go To Home
Go To Desktop
Execute Macro
Execute Macro Window
Execute Macro – Shortcut
Execute Macro – Shortcut Window
Execute Macro – Shortcut Window
Execute Macro Window
Execute Macro Window – Shortcut
Execute Macro Window – Shortcut
Execute Macro Window – Shortcut Window
Paste – Shortcut
Paste – Shortcut
Delete Item
Paste – Shortcut
Paste – Shortcut
Delete Item
Delete 384a16bd22

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Easy to use interface, with a lot of options to make your work easier.
You can use the main and secondary keys in any combination to specify the arguments of the formula of the graph and the parameters of the function. Archim allows you to enter the parameters of any of the functions of the sample collection automatically by pressing the appropriate keys in the menu.
In addition, you can enter the function of the graph using a single character. You can enter up to 10 parameters with the following characters:
■ * — ‘PI *2’, ‘∞’, ‘2’, ‘x’, ‘(x)’, ‘sin’, ‘cos’, ‘tan’, ‘ln’, ‘e’, ‘ln2’ and ‘E’
■ ± — ‘PI’, ‘√’, ‘ln’, ‘e’, ‘ln2’ and ‘E’
■ 0 — ‘π’ and ‘PI’
■ 1 — ‘PI/2’, ‘√’, ‘2’, ‘x’, ‘sin’, ‘cos’, ‘tan’, ‘ln’, ‘e’, ‘ln2’ and ‘E’
■ “x” — ‘x’, ‘sin’, ‘cos’, ‘tan’, ‘ln’, ‘e’, ‘ln2’ and ‘E’
■ “ln” — ‘ln’, ‘e’, ‘ln2’ and ‘E’
■ “ln2” — ‘ln2’ and ‘E’
■ “e” — ‘e’, ‘ln’, ‘ln2’ and ‘E’
■ “PI” — ‘PI’, ‘e’, ‘ln’, ‘ln2’ and ‘E’

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