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The KEYMACRO plug-in is a simple electronic circuit that can be used as a mono
Keymachine, or mono speaker, equalizer. There are a lot of problems with using
a mono amplifier such as:
1) The output level of the amplifier is low.
2) The output of the amplifier is not stereo.
3) The analog circuitry is hard to program.
The KEYMACRO plug-in solves all three problems at the same time. It produces
noiseless low levels, has 3 outputs, and can be easily programmed with a 4-pin
interface. The output level is raised and set to stereo through the EQ Curve
dialog. The outputs are realized through multiple audio connections and the
basic wavetable of the plug-in can be sent to any output of the plugin.
Key Macro is designed as a mono equalizer and does not use the mixer.
The KEYMACRO is a product of the LOBSTRESS studio.
For best performance you will need a 16 bit A-D converter and a 24 bit A-D
converter (for stereo) in order to realize the plug-in. You may need to
upgrade your audio interface. This includes using an audio interface with
24 bit converters and a 16 bit to 24 bit converter. These are easy to find.
There is no limit for the usage of the KEYMACRO plug-in.
Download LINKS:

(If any of the links is not working, check the website
for more information)
Audio demos:

Other Demo:

Main Description
The Keymacro is an instrument for the keyman and the digital keyboardist.
The Keymacro lets you produce 3 different equalizers.
1. 8 band equalizer:
– 6 band mid and mid low pass/bandpass or high pass filters
– 2 band bandpass filter
– 1 band high pass filter
– 1 band low pass filter
– 1 band band pass filter
– 1 band high pass filter 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is an all in one service that gives a powerful password management solution to the users. It not only gives you the possibility to create and manage long passwords in a secure way, but it also makes it easy for you to log in and manage them with a series of shortcuts.
KEYMACRO Key Features:
If you have your own business or are looking for a solution to store and manage long passwords then KEYMACRO is for you. It offers you the ability to generate passwords of more than 256 characters and features a very easy to use interface.
You can use the following main functions:
• Generate a password: KEYMACRO gives you the ability to generate a password with an upper limit.
• Generate a Password from a URL: In order to use this function you have to enter a URL. KEYMACRO will then generate a long password for you.
• Store a Password: KEYMACRO allows you to save a password to its database, that can be managed via the list and search functions.
• Confirm a Password: You can use this function to confirm the entered password, by using your email.
• Search for a Password: You can search the list of stored passwords and select one of them.
• Generate a Password on Demand: You can also use this feature to generate a password on demand, simply by using the command to generate a password.
• Store a Password on Demand: The same as the above, except for the fact that instead of generating a password, you will be prompted to confirm the same password.
• Login: Using the above functions you can log in to your account.
• Password Recovery: If you forget your password, you can use this function to recover it.
• Password Manager: The best feature of the application is the fact that you can also use it to store your other passwords in a very secure way.
KEYMACRO Key Features:
– Generate a Password of more than 256 characters.
– Generate a Password from a URL.
– Store a Password.
– Confirm a Password.
– Search a Password.
– Generate a Password on Demand.
– Store a Password on Demand.
– Login.
– Password Recovery.
– Password Manager.

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